Top 5 Reasons to Take an Epsom Salt Bath

by Dr. Steven Yen

Trust me on this – When you add epsom salt to a warm bath there are amazing health benefits. Epsom salts are a natural wonder; they can be used for everything from removing splinters to keeping your lawn green. This compound of magnesium and sulfate (they aren’t really salts) has long been a staple of natural healing and rightly so.

As a spoonie, you’ll probably be more interested in hearing the health and relaxation benefits of epsom salt…

Here are just a select few benefits of taking an epsom salt bath if you’re experiencing pain:

Stress Relief: When you are experiencing pain and frustration, stress can be an unwelcome companion; however, note that when you are stressed out, your body actually loses something important – Magnesium. When you soak in an epsom salt bath, your body absorbs the magnesium and that helps to produce serotonin. Serotonin is important because it relaxes your body and also enhances your mood.

Alkalizing Your Body: Science has proven that your body’s functions work best between a pH of 7.36-7.44. Outside of that pH level, your body will not work PROPERLY. Due to a poor diet, (soda being the BIGGEST culprit here) your body gets way too acidic. The scary part about this is that when a body gets too acidic, it will actually become sick and will slowly deteriorate. By soaking in epsom salts, you are able to alkalize your body and help restore your body to a healthy pH level.

Inflammation Reduction: We all know the benefits of reducing inflammation! This is one of the BIGGEST problems that people with fibromyalgia suffer from because inflammation = PAIN! Simply by relaxing in an epsom salt bath, you can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It doesn’t get much easier than that when it comes to putting the fire out inside of your body. Also, epsom salt helps regulate the electrolytes in your body and this helps your muscles and nerves function properly.

Detoxification: No matter how careful we are, our bodies are exposed to environmental toxins. Exposure to these toxins can cause a host of problems including migraines, allergies, and inflammation. By soaking in a warm epsom salt bath for just 10 minutes a week, you can help your body rid itself of heavy metals and other toxic elements.

Looking and Feeling Good: An epsom salt bath can help treat acne, dry skin, and even limp hair! Rather than using costly bath and beauty products, add epsom salt to your bath to keep your skin glowing without any harmful chemicals. Let’s face it, when you look good then you feel good!

It’s incredible that something so simple can do so much!

Everyone should take some time out every week for a good soak – Believe me, I do!

Although it is quicker and easier to take a shower, a bath can do so much more for you. Don’t see a bath as a luxury… See it as a way to recharge and refresh.


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About Steven Yen

As a former member of the teaching faculty of the prestigious Trigenics Institute, Steven Yen has been treating Fibromyalgia naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery for patients in his private practice since 2002. He is also founder of the world's most popular Facebook page for managing Fibro naturally.

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Carole Valpone March 20, 2013

Hi Dr. Yen,

Thank you for sharing a wealth of knowledge in your articles. I look forward to your emails and I am so very grateful that you really care about Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, etc. Thank you again. You are a good soul!!

You have a lovely family and look very happy; therefore, I am very happy for you.

Sincerely, Carole Valpone


Cindy March 20, 2013

Hi Dr. Yen, this is one of my favorite soothers. I have always been drawn to water as a relaxer and salts to soothe away pain and stress. I also use at times Dead Sea salts/minerals and Himalayan salts. I have also noticed in the last several years how much soap has dried my skin out, especially when I take a bath. I have found several non soap products that are great and last a long time so they are well worth the money. Nutribiotics cleansing gel, I bought a gallon for $40.00 over a year ago and still have more than half left. Also when I am in pain and stiffness and can’t sit in water, I will mix my salts with this gel and gentle rub it in all over my body, leave on for 15 min and then rinse. I know some people are unable to sit in in tub but use a shower chair or walk in shower. Cetaphil is a non soap body bar you can purchase from CVS that is also very good.

I love reading your emails and information you send out. I recycle by sending or posting on FB. I am a Certified Awakened Living Mentor and Certified Health and Wellness Mentor and also certified in Aromatherapy for essential oil healing.

Thank you for all you do,
Cindy Hively


Pam June 20, 2013

I have been taking Epsom Salt baths for years, several times a week. They definitely help with Fibromyalgia pain. Whenever I’m in a flare, I will soak in an Epsom Salt bath and can literally feel the pain being drawn out of my body. My skin gets a warm pulsating feeling as if it is vibrating. I know it sounds bizarre, but the salts really do help ease the aches and pains. I also sometimes add a few drops of lavender & camomile oils to the Epsom Salt bath for a nice relaxing, sleep inducing soak before bedtime.