Getting Through the Fibro Fog

by Dr. Steven Yen

You can’t find your keys

You can’t find the right words.

You may have even run that red light!

Frustrating, isn’t it? :(

Well, take a deep breath and know that you’re not crazy! New research shows that Fibro Fog is very real!

“A technology called functional MRI found that in people with chronic pain, a front region of the brain mostly associated with emotion is constantly active. The affected areas fail to “shut off” when they should, wearing out neurons and disturbing the balance of the brain as a whole. “

Fibro Fog is not imagined and it is not a reflection of your intelligence or capability!

Fortunately, there are some ways you can fight this Fibromyalgia Symptom.

BREATHE: Sometimes in the throes of a battle with the Fibro Fog beast, you get panicked. When you start to panic, your breathing gets shallow and that cuts off the necessary oxygen your body needs. Taking a few seconds to breathe deeply and correctly will calm your brain, your body, and it will help you to refocus.

ORGANIZE: Make sure there is a place for everything, and everything has its place.
It’s harder to lose your keys if you have them hanging under a sign that says KEYS!
Make lists, keep a journal, and use lots of post-it notes! When you know the information you need is at hand, you can reduce anxiety.

REST: If you feel like you’ve hit a mental wall, take a brain break. Stare at the ceiling, doodle, do something creative with your hands. Often, giving yourself permission to drift off can help you get back on track.

EXERCISE: We all know about the benefits of walking but did you know that walking ALSO helps improve memory?!  Studies show that walking helps expand your hippocampus (the part of your brain that stores memories).

EAT RIGHT: Stay away from processed foods! Something as simple as a food dye can have profound effects on your nervous system. Also, cut down on your caffeine intake and say YES to Green Tea!

SLEEP: The process of falling into deep, restorative sleep helps the brain relax and recharge. While it may be difficult, sleep should be a priority for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

While we use the term, “fight” an awful lot, it’s not about powering through symptoms like they don’t exist.

Understanding is the key.

When you understand that some days you are sharper than others, you can prepare yourself and your surroundings.

When you understand that your body needs a little extra pampering, it is easier to say no to foods or situations that won’t help you.

When you understand how good your body feels after a workout or a decent night’s sleep, it is easier to schedule your life.

And, as always, be kind to yourself. I know it sounds sentimental, but extending the kindness you show others to yourself can go a long way in the healing process.

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About Steven Yen

As a former member of the teaching faculty of the prestigious Trigenics Institute, Steven Yen has been treating Fibromyalgia naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery for patients in his private practice since 2002. He is also founder of the world's most popular Facebook page for managing Fibro naturally.

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Joyce Ellis February 7, 2013

Although I know that everything this article says is true and works for me, it is good to have it reiterated. Good to know that others suffer the same problems. Also good to have someone tell me that my decisions to ‘take it easy’ are the right ones.


Debra Deal February 23, 2013

Thank you so much for all the positive and encouraging information. I am continually learning about dealing with my Fibromyalgia on this site! It helps so much!


Karen Mackey March 15, 2013

Vitamins, heating pad, tylenol for arthritis, any of the foods that decrease inflamation, and meditation.


Donna March 15, 2013

I just found your site from fibro t v am exited to find out more. I’m perty new with web sites how can I find your web site ? I have rescently found all these fibro post they have been wonderful I’m A widow with a big house and yard Last 3years getting harder harder to take care of. I have decided I DO NOt need all this stuff Selling most everything g moving into an apartment. I feel very relived. Can take care of my self for a while. Thank you for your help


Billie Simmons March 15, 2013

Thank you for this information. I have had to learn a lot on my own and most of what you just said I have been doing for many years because most doctors just laugh at us. I have suffered since 1989 when I went though breast cancer and no one could tell me what was wrong. Thank you again.


kathe schaffran April 18, 2014

I have been treated for severe depression, it is now better. But I have been in fibro fog for about 4 months continually. forgetting things I know by heart. My phone and cell number, people names I work with( to the extent that I had to look at their name badges to be able to talk to them. too many other things. Is it normal to have fibro fog last this long? I am thinking I might need dementia testing.