Fibromyalgia and Apple Cider Vinegar

by Dr. Steven Yen

The internet is full of various “cures” for every type of ailment known to man.  Fibromyalgia is no different.  I’ve seen many such articles and products that will tell you that there is some type of cure for fibro.  I believe Chuck D once said “Don’t believe the hype”.

We all know that there is no “cure” for fibromyalgia, but there are treatments!  Treatments will help relieve the pain and suffering.  In time, these treatments can even make your life be almost what it once was before fibro.

The idea of fibromyalgia patients using apple cider vinegar isn’t anything new; however, I do get the question, “If the vinegar tastes acidic then how can it help the body?

Well, apple cider vinegar helps alkalize the body and if you’re suffering from chronic pain, you DO have a high level of acidity in your body, which needs to be decreased. By alkalizing your body (basically balancing alkaline and acidity) your body will actually be able to function at a higher level.

Once the body metabolizes the vinegar, it creates something called “alkaline ash,” meaning that if our bodies burn off the vinegar, the ash that’s left behind is alkalized. That left over “ash” is what determines whether a food will alkalize or acidify the body… it’s not based on the foods taste.

Even more so, studies have shown that malic acid is extremely important in energy production at the cellular level. Additionally, these studies have even shown that muscle endurance training involves the metabolism of malic acid. Because of this, the malic acid in apple cider vinegar may help to improve the flow of oxygen in the muscle cells.

People also believe that the trace nutrients in apple cider vinegar are important in relieving “oxidative stress.” Oxidative stress, also known as OS, is a negative result when oxygen that is used for energy is converted into damaging “free radicals.” Many specialists have speculated that OS actually contributes to fibromyalgia.

However a few new studies do refute the idea that OS contributes to the pain, tender points, depression or overall effect of fibro. However, these studies support the notion that oxidative stress contributes to the fatigue which IS associated with fibro. And so it seems that apple cider vinegar (and the malic acid it contains) may help you relieve some of the fatigue that tends to go hand in hand with fibromyalgia.

That there are many different foods that are also high in anti-oxidants, such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, carrots and teas, that would help to thwart this “oxidative stress”. If you don’t like apple cider vinegar, you can look to some of these other options but since apple cider vinegar is cheap and it is a food that does no harm; it definitely seems worthwhile for people with fibromyalgia to try it out.

Two daily tablespoons of the unfiltered variety of apple cider vinegar is recommended because of the added nutrients in the sediment. You can find this in most health stores and possibly even at your local supermarket.


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About Steven Yen

As a former member of the teaching faculty of the prestigious Trigenics Institute, Steven Yen has been treating Fibromyalgia naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery for patients in his private practice since 2002. He is also founder of the world's most popular Facebook page for managing Fibro naturally.

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Brenda May 31, 2013

It was recommended that I use apple cider vinegar for my arthritis, but now see it helps with fybromyalgia too has me excited to try it… I have been suffering all winter and now that we know what’s going on I am researching things to manage these problems and I have been told by people that the apple vinegar does work so I am hoping for positive results to show in the next month…


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